What is a Heart Wall?

What is a Heart Wall?

What is a Heart Wall

In the holistic sense, the Heart Wall™ refers to the layers of emotional energy that we can build up subconsciously to protect ourselves from the agony of heartache and heartbreak. In our experience in energy healing, a Heart-Wall can contribute to feelings of fear, sadness, panic, anxiousness, unhappiness and even self-sabotage. A Heart-Wall may hinder our ability to give and receive pure love. It can potentially prevent you from feeling joy or fostering healthy, successful relationships.

Your heart, physically and emotionally, plays a critical role in keeping your body functioning properly and your emotions in check; it’s vitally imperative to take excellent care of it. We know it’s incredibly important to nourish our physical heart in the form of reduced stress, a healthful diet and exercise, but it is also important from an energy healing standpoint to carefully steward our heart’s beautiful energy.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of the Emotion Code™, “The heart is capable of generating 60 to 1,000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, making it the most powerful organ in your body. The heart is understood to be your body’s second brain in the sense that it is continually sending messages to all the tissues of your body, and because the brain in your head is believed to be obeying the messages sent by your heart.

Therefore, when your heart is surrounded by the layers of negative emotional energy that make up a Heart-Wall, its ability to send these messages may be diminished, and could even lower your immune function and contribute to disease.”

Why is it essential to clear your Heart Wall?

The results of clearing a Heart-Wall are often vast and profound; from addressing utter despair, loss of joy and happiness, crushing anger, to helping previously emotionally-isolated individuals connect to others, clearing a Heart-Wall may help you recover from heartache in order to find love, joy, and meaning again.

We believe the Heart-Wall is essentially layers upon layers of emotional energy, also known as “Trapped Emotions.” As such, it’s important to intentionally clear your Heart-Wall in order to free up your energy flow. Thankfully, with the help of The Emotion Code®, you may be able to quickly and easily dismantle the potentially damaging emotional baggage of Trapped Emotions, and identify and eliminate your Heart-Wall to achieve better wellness, relationships, more joy and abundance.

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