Benefits of an Emotion Code/Body Code session

-It’s quick, easy, and painless to release trapped emotions and energetic misalignments
-We discover the trapped emotion, name it, and release it, just like that!
- You’ll move from feeling stuck, frustrated, blocked, chaotic, and burdened to feeling a sense of peace, calmness, freedom, hope, confidence, clarity, happiness, and relief
-Easing physical discomfort- you may get relief from distress, difficulties and alleviate their potential underlying causes.
-Love and relationships-you can remove impediments to love and enlarge your ability to connect with others
-Creating More Success- you can experience breakthroughs to additional abundance and unlock the pathway to great er success and prosperity
-Healing generations- it’s possible to heal your own energy as well that of past and future generations
-Assist animals- you may even help pets and other animals feel and function better
-Let’s change your life for the better!

What does an Emotion Code/Body Code session look like?

- Hour Long approximately; it all depends on your body’s needs at the time
- Can be done in person, by Zoom, email, or phone call
- Private and confidential
- Use muscle testing to connect with your body energetically wherever in the world you are
- Uses the patented Emotion Code/Body Code system to find any trapped emotions, energetic blockages or misalignments, and underlying causes to issues you may be experiencing
- It’s gentle, quick, painless, effective with long lasting and permanent change
- Different than therapy- no relieving painful situations and memories in great detail

How often will I need an Emotion Code/Body Code session:

Each person has different needs at different stages of life, but I generally see a trend of most people needing between 3-10 sessions. Your body needs time to process and integrate the re-aligned energies after each session. Many people choose to do a session every 7-10 days at the beginning and then simply schedule whenever they personally feel a need a tune up or to release new misalignments that they become aware of.

How many sessions does the average person need?

Most clients find 6-10 sessions to be the most effective overall. We’ve all lived a lot of life, experienced difficult situations or traumas, and life lessons resulting in many trapped emotions and a Heart Wall. Your body&mind determine how much is cleared in each session and the more we clear, the more free you become in all ways.

How do I get the maximum benefit of my session? Be open, no resistance; don’t challenge the emotions and findings. Trust yourself; your body is talking to you, so receive that gift! Be hydrated, in a quiet private space, and trust the process.