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Assisting Animals Sessions for Cats & Dogs

Assisting Animals Sessions for Cats & Dogs

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Cats and Dogs- Our beloved pets are an integral part of our family. When they don’t feel good, it can feel like a piece of our heart is affected too. Many pets are affected by emotional events caused by things like thunderstorms, owners leaving for work or vacation, scary encounters with other animals, or if another pet in the home passes away. By removing any trapped emotion or energetic imbalances, your pets can move towards their best lives more easily.

Pet testimonial-

“We have a rescue dog that was only comfortable around our family. That presented a big problem when we had friends or family over. One time Karen was at our house and our dog accidentally escaped the bedroom. Instead of being upset, he came right over to Karen and sat down peacefully right next to her. We were amazed as we’d never seen him do that before. We also didn’t know about The Emotion Code before either. Karen asked our permission to release some trapped emotions in him and we were impressed at what she was able to release for him. We were even more amazed at the fact that our dog sought her out; it’s like he KNEW she could help him! Wow! While we are still cautious in how we introduce him to new people, we’ve definitely seen an improvement in him.”

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What does an Emotion Code/Body Code session look like?

What does an Emotion Code/Body Code session look like?

- Hour Long approximately; it all depends on your body’s needs at the time
- Can be done in person, by Zoom, email, or phone call
- Private and confidential
- Use muscle testing to connect with your body energetically wherever in the world you are
- Uses the patented Emotion Code/Body Code system to find any trapped emotions, energetic blockages or misalignments, and underlying causes to issues you may be experiencing
- It’s gentle, quick, painless, effective with long lasting and permanent change
- Different than therapy- no reliving painful situations and memories in great detail

How often will I need an Emotion Code/Body Code session:

Each person has different needs at different stages of life, but I generally see a trend of most people needing between 3-10 sessions. Your body needs time to process and integrate the re-aligned energies after each session. Many people choose to do a session every 7-10 days at the beginning and then simply schedule whenever they personally feel a need for a tune up or to release new misalignments that they become aware of.

How many sessions does the average person need?

Most clients find 6-10 sessions to be the most effective overall. We’ve all lived a lot of life, experienced difficult situations or traumas, and life lessons resulting in many trapped emotions and a Heart Wall. Your body&mind determine how much is cleared in each session and the more we clear, the more free you become in all ways.

How do I get the maximum benefit of my session? Be open, no resistance; don’t challenge the emotions and findings. Trust yourself; your body is talking to you, so receive that gift! Be hydrated, in a quiet private space, and trust the process.